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What Makes A Great Custom Suit?

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August 16, 2018
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August 30, 2018
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All men need a suit, but businessmen need a great custom suit. When looking for one, the first thing that pops into mind is “what makes a great custom suit”? If you’re confused with massive choices and styles available, here’s a guide to help you out.

There are four essential factors that make up a great suit.

The Fabric

A well-made custom suit is normally made out of high-quality wool. However, cotton, linen, and silk are not bad of an option. A lot of tailors everywhere use linen for making summer suits. Although, when it comes to quality, wool holds the top position in the list of fabric options.

So what do you look for in a fabric when shopping for suits?

Wool comes from many different sources – goats, sheep, rabbits, alpacas, llamas, and so much more. But what holds the golden standard for quality is the merino sheep. People use the term “worsted” to refer to high-quality wool with tightly woven strands, resulting to better suits.

While shopping, you may come across super wools, a material made of finer yarn. Variants in the market include super 100s, super 120s, super 150s, and super 200s. The higher the number, the finer yarn is used.

You may also opt for fabric blends such as wool and silk or wool and cashmere. These are also great alternatives with impressive sheen and softness.

The Construction

Another crucial factor is construction, which provides structure and style to the suit. This is where the difference between off the rack suits and custom suits come into play. The former is usually made with wool blends and generally have fewer features for comfort and style. In fact, only 5% of men fit into ready-to-wear suits and 95% have their suits altered or customized in order to become wearable.

At the moment, the full canvas construction makes the most effective method of constructing a suit jacket. Here, there’s no yellow fusing that takes away the fabric’s softness. Therefore, you can be sure that your jacket will conform to your body shape perfectly.

The Fit and Tailoring

Good fit starts with precise measurements. An experienced suit maker should take measurements of 25 areas of your body and carefully make notes to achieve this. They should also let you try on a few jackets and pants to get a clear idea of what the customer thinks that is too loose or too tight.

The Customer Service

Sometimes, it is the customer assistance that makes us want to buy a suit. If the service is good enough, we feel more comfortable telling what exactly we want and how we want it to be made. A good tailor also gives various styling choices so you can decide what fits your body type and objective for buying the suit.

Custom suits are indeed an important investment, that’s why we want to be very careful when choosing and finding the one to use for our intended purposes. To be sure, always find a reputable tailor that takes the extra mile to meet, if not exceed your expectations. They should also prioritize material quality, making sure you’re getting your money’s worth.